Finally, Mani-Pedis for Diabetics
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A Prescription for Beauty for the Diabetic Population
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The Birth of Nail MD Spa

My name is Maryam Raza and I am the Medical Director and the wound care physician at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. I am a wound care specialist for almost eight years. A majority of my patients are diabetics who usually present to my clinic with foot wounds. During the course of my practice, I have seen all kinds of wounds, especially diabetic foot ulcers which are most common over the legs and feet. These wounds are a result of a condition called peripheral neuropathy, which is often a complication of diabetes.

Seeing so much misery, I decided to look into the causes of diabetic foot ulcerations.

Most of my career, I have seen wounds which may range from a tiny skin tear to gangrene of the toes. That usually results in amputation of one toe then successive toes and ultimately leads to the entire limb amputation. The chance that a person dies in 5 years after a limb amputation is as high as 50 percent. This is even higher than the death rate from having colon cancer, so your chances of dying are much greater if you are a diabetic and get a foot wound which becomes gangrenous.Seeing so much misery, I decided to look into the causes of diabetic foot ulcerations. Usually I found that small lesions like small superficial wounds, fungal foot infections or nail infections can lead to bigger issues and complications. I have particularly noticed these issues originating from going to nail salons whose practices were not sanitary.

According to ABC news, a 20/20 investigation showed unsanitary conditions are rife in nail salons. They discovered that most of the salons in practice use unsterilized tools and equipment. In particular, use of piped water baths which harbor bacterial growth around the drains is common. Any injury that is sustained in these nail salons especially if you are a diabetic and suffer from neuropathy, can lead to nail infections called paronychia, which ultimately lead to diabetic foot ulcerations which may progress to gangrene.

That is where the idea of Nail MD was born. A spa dedicated to the aesthetic and manicure and pedicure needs of the diabetics which would ensure quality of care for diabetic nails and making sure that extremely hygienic and sterile practices are followed.

Nail MD utilizes sterilized equipment; has done away with the risk of contaminated drains and only uses pipe less water baths for pedicures. The secret are disposable liners in these baths that are replaced with every treatment. In addition, the nail technicians are all medical certified by the state of Texas, in fact they have earned the designation of “Medical Nail Technician (MNT) “. There are only 5-6 in the whole state of Texas; two of them are in employment of Nail MD. These medical nail technicians are certified to diagnose and treat common nail conditions and deliver excellent aesthetic care for all populations including diabetics.

So how is nail MD different from other nail salons? The uniqueness of the salon is due to the fact that it is a physician owned and operated venture. The medical nail technicians are under the direct supervision of Dr. Richard Galperin, a podiatrist whose practices adjacent to the salon. As part of their training, each MNT spends time in his office to observe his sterile techniques to better understand and identify problems they may encounter with their clients. This is a very unique association and relationship. They are trained to report any foot condition that they deem suspicious where an immediate onsite evaluation and medical consultation is performed. With this support at their disposal, they are able to provide experienced education to their clients about diabetic foot problems and when to report to a physician if they develop a foot condition.