Finally, Mani-Pedis for Diabetics
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A Prescription for Beauty for the Diabetic Population
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The Importance of Diabetic Footcare

I would like to discuss as to why foot care is so important for diabetics. Let me start by discussing some important statistics.

At this moment there are 29.1 million diabetics in United States of America.

With such staggering numbers it is important that a program be started to prevent these wounds and ulcers to occur in the first place. This initiative is part of the general well being for diabetics.

Prevention of Wounds

In my clinical practice as a wound care physician, this is what I see day in and day out. Patients losing their limbs were one part of the suffering, but the degree of anguish suffered by the entire family in terms of loss of earnings, disability and economic instability was just unbearable. So I thought lets start from the basics. Let’s teach the community about diabetic foot care and how to prevent these wounds in the first place. What better than to do it in an environment of luxury where people are rubbing your feet and giving you a foot message and a nice aesthetic pedicure and educating you about diabetic foot care. These medically certified nail technicians are certified to identify some of the common foot issues that can occur in a diabetic and advise about the next steps to take. This way if a problem is identified at the very beginning, it can be resolved when it is at a relatively earlier stage rather than waiting for major complications from happening.

Doctor’s Orders

So my advice for all diabetics is if you can’t see your doctors about your foot care every month or so, see a certified medical nail technician every 4-6 weeks and get your feet looked at thoroughly. These technicians should be able to guide you to a resource if they see an abnormality or detect a problem.

Some of the common conditions that a nail technician should be able to identify are:

I will discuss some common diabetic foot conditions in my next section.

To all diabetics stay healthy, save your feet, save your life.