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Diabetic care at nail salons

Diabetic nail care has now become the center of attention to prevent diabetic foot wounds. All diabetics should carefully choose their nail salons. There are some fundamental reasons for that. Diabetes affects the body from head to toe, most importantly for diabetics to know and understand is the diabetic nerve damage that can happen with damage to the vessels that in turn damage the blood supply to small nerves of the feet. Neuropathy is a common condition that occurs in diabetics. Diabetic nerve damage can make the feet hurt, tingle or feel numb. As a result of the nerve damage, you might develop a diabetic foot ulcer and not feel any pain; it is still a serious scenario.

Why should diabetics be so careful and picky about choosing where to have their pedicures and manicures? Why should nail salons have certified nail technicians? There are many reasons for that. Always ask the following questions before you go to a nail salon.

Medically Certified Nail Technicians

Medically certified nail technicians (MNTs) are specially trained to take care of feet in a medical way. Each person has earned their certification by taking an extensive training program which includes in depth knowledge of the anatomy, typical foot conditions affecting the foot and ankle. They must pass a certification exam and also do an externship in a medical office to learn the same types of techniques and skills found in a doctor’s office. It is only after a successful completion of these requirements that an individual earns their certification.

Medical Supervison

These MNTs are being trained to give specific approved advice and in some cases might be able to diagnose a condition under supervision and give advice for appropriate referral.

For example you might be having poor circulation in your feet. Or your feet are always cold and you have tingling or burning sensation in the feet or you have noticed that your feet swell or some wounds have never healed properly or fast enough. Or you have a nail fungus that had never been diagnosed. 

We all know that in these cases seeking opinion from our doctor is the best option. However many of us visit a doctor or even a podiatrist every once in a while.  On the other hand, you are getting your nails done multiple times a month. So these Medically Certified Nail Technicians are a first line of defense against all the nail conditions related to your disease. Some complications may happen before you can see a doctor or a podiatrist. The most important aspect of an exceptional medical salon is the quick response to looking at a foot problem or a condition and suggesting a possible remedy. They are certified shoe fitters as well and should be fitting diabetics with proper sized shoes. Wearing improper shoes can be detrimental to your foot health, especially close or tight fitting shoes can cause blisters or even skin can be rubbed off creating diabetic foot wounds.

Hygenic Practices

The New England journal of Medicine found multiple organisms and bacteria around the drains and jets in typical whirlpool chairs.

Would you like to share your skin cells with every one sitting on that salon chair?

The best salon would be the one that disinfects even the seats after your treatment is finished and makes sure that the cleanliness is maintained on all circumstances.  In case of diabetics this is especially important. We know that resistant bacteria are rampant in our communities. A special type of bacteria called Methicillin resistant Staph Aureus is everywhere. In diabetics and other immunocompromised people these bacteria can spread even through a single crack in the skin. This can cause infections, cellulitis and in worse case scenario chronic wounds and even amputation.

*Have you ever wondered how likely someone is to die after an amputation?

In conclusion choose your nail salon carefully. Always think about a better choice you can have. After all you are the one responsible for taking care of your health and well being!! Happy feet, happy life!!