Signature Pedicure 45 min $50

Rejuvenating warm foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle detail, callus smoothing, exfoliation treatment, relaxing foot massage, buff, and polish application

Express no-soak pedicure 20 min $28

Nail shaping, foot hydration, and buff.

*(Nail polish application would be an add-on service for $5)



Promotes lacquer adhesion and prevents chipping while nourishing and strengthening nails.  Uniquely formulated to work together as a system that provides the fastest drying, longest wearing pedicure you will ever experience.

Manicure $40

*5 day chip persistent guarantee

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Athletic Pedicure 60 mins $85

Fungal treatment for skin (Athlete’s foot.)  You receive a kit to take with you for on-going home care for lasting results.

Formula 3 Pedicure 45 mins $75

Fungal treatment for toenails.  You receive a bottle of Formula 3 to take with you for on-going home care treatment for lasting results.

Diabetic foot care 20 mins $48
Toenail trimming, callus reduction, smoothing, and polish.


Prosthetic toenail replacement 10 min $15